I have been around since Freestyle was just an idea and I am now proud & privileged to play a major part in it. I work alongside my buddy Stef who as you know is the director of Freestyle. Together we choreograph all the land routines and choose the most motivating music we can lay our hands on to encourage you guys to want to work. On top of that I also design all the H2O workout routines for all the water aerobic instructors.

I am so lucky to have a job I love so much, it’s almost a bonus I get paid for it (but don’t tell the boss I said that!!!) I started off teaching land classes in 1999 and also have added an aqua class to my teaching timetable since then, which is a really fun way to end my week. I qualified with YMCA, NVQ RSA examinations, and over the years I have updated my skills by attending workshops and fitness weekends and by taking more examinations in Aqua, Body Pump, post/Pre Natal and GP referral. I have led the warm up to Cycle for Life, which was a great honour, and have assisted at many of the great Race for Life events around the country.

I had been attending aerobics classes for over 10 years before Freestyle started. I did many nights a week helping out, DJ’ing, assisting and doing team displays throughout the North West near to where I live in Cheshire. The best bit is being able to wear all the funky fitness gear, on the down side that’s where all my wages end up!!!!! You can usually catch me on my days off at the Trafford centre, shopping as usual.

If I can make you enjoy working out and put a smile on your face as far as I am concerned that’s my bit done – the rest of it is up to you! :o) x