Which Footwear for which classes?

Home News Which Footwear for which classes?

Zumba® Classes –
We would highly recommend a dance trainer/sneaker for Freestyle Fitness Zumba® Classes, as the class involves a great deal of dancing and pivot motion, trainers with an excessive grip are not as easy to dance in. If you choose something that has adequate cushioning and comfort for you, this will only make your class more enjoyable.

Aeromix© Classes –
We would highly recommend a cross trainer/aerobic trainer that has cushioning on the toe and heel strike for this class. Running trainers are designed for heel strike motion, so speak to your retailer about the best trainer for you.

H2o The Water Workout© –
To get the most out of your pool session you can invest in a pair of pool shoes, this will give you a more stable footing on the pool floor and will allow you to move with more grip.

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