New Sound and Light!

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Our party atmosphere is about to get better!

Freestyle have invested in new laser and LED technology for their lighting. The sessions will have the same feel but you might see some different patterns and effects on the floors and walls of certain sites! We are slowly upgrading all our lighting to move towards bulb less technology to protect the environment and consume less energy, if we all do our bit, the little things make a huge different!

With our new lighting some customers with light sensitive epilepsy may find this uncomfortable. We have chosen lighting that does not strobe however it does rotate and move with the music. If you suffer from light sensitive epilepsy, we would value your feedback and of course goes without saying, please inform one of the freestyle team and or instructor at the session if you feel this affects you. We are trying to make everything a more fun and pleasurable atmosphere, in turn making your session the best it can be.

Hope you enjoy it.

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